Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm back with a hangover and good news...

Hello bloggers!!!!

I missed you all! My goodness. I have been itching to get my hands on my laptop to blog since yesterday when our plane touched down, but I still feel so bad from our flight (yes, I have air sickness, and car sickness and boat sickness.) Actually, I still feel really dizzy right now, but I can't help but tell you guys that I am back.

And, as for the good news, I have finally got a job while I was away!!! I feel so ecstatic right now. I would want to jump a lot, but I still feel dizzy to do so! Haha!

For all those who have left their greeting, thank you all so much. My birthday sure was a blast! :D Every year, it gets better and better. I will try to get back to each of your comments as soon as I can. ;)

I will be putting up and arranging posts, probably into parts. Maybe a review or two on food, restos and accommodations (let me know if that interests you, especially for those who haven't been there yet. I wouldn't want to post something that may bore you. Haha!).

I also can't wait to share photos I have got! There are a whole bunch, but I will try to share as much as I could without boring you out. :)

So, yep. Watch out for my future posts. I will also be doing my post for this week's BC Bloggers' Meme, so my Palawan posts would have to wait a day or two. :)

Again, I miss you all!

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  1. I am also has this motion sickness but I'm glad I am coping with it already. Belated happy birthday again and best of luck!

    1. How do you cope with it, Mommy Maye? I still am experiencing nausea from our flight last Tuesday. T_T

  2. good to know to you know had a blast .. and congrats to your new job...

    1. Thank you very much, Rosemarie! :D


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