Thursday, August 30, 2012

Getting Crafty: "Project Life" Scrapbook + Project Idea for 2013

Hiya all...

How is everyone doing? I've heard in the news and from fellow bloggers that during this rainy season, a lot are getting dengue and on the news, leptospirosis. I hope everyone is doing well and hope you don't catch these life endangering diseases.

So, anyways...

This is for all my fellow bloggers who are also into crafts as well, or would want to venture into crafts. While working, I came across this craft project which I thought was a great idea! It's called "Project Life". What makes up Project Life? Well, it's somewhat like a scrapbook diary in which you add entries for every week that has passed, and categorizing them by week number. For example, Week 1 would run from January 1 to January 7, then week 2 would include events which occurred between January 8 to January 14, and so on.

Well, when I searched the internet, Project Life is somewhat like a brand, although I've been trying to look for any info if this is a copyrighted title/brand. Anyways, I actually will be making my own from scratch, or atleast get the supplies myself instead of getting the kit, which Project Life is actually all about. They have these kits that gets you started, which is actually perfect for those who do no have time to craft or aren't gifted with creativity or the likes.

Below are some pics of how Project Life looks like and ideas on how you could use Project Life:
Picture a DayTake a picture on each of the 365 days this year. Some pictures will illustrate bigger moments and some shots will be routine stuff in your life. It all adds up to paint the full picture of your life right now. (Source: Becky Higgins)
All About MeWhether you are an adult or a child or teenager, you focus completely on what makes up your life (what you wear, what you eat, what you love, where you go, who you hang out with, where you work, why you do what you do). (Source:  Becky Higgins)
All About YouAll the focus is on your child or other loved one. Include their favorites, their hobbies, their friends, their schoolwork. Snap pictures inside their car and even dresser drawers. Capture them texting, brushing their teeth, and facebooking.  (Source:  Becky Higgins)
All Time Favorite Photos. Pack the album full of your favorite pictures, whether they're ones passed down to you from your grandparents or the snapshot you just took this week.  (Source:  Becky Higgins)  
Family JournalThe whole family is involved in Project Life and contributes their pictures & journaling to the album. Leave the camera accessible to all. Even if it means your three-year-old is taking pictures of the toilet. What a great way to capture everyone's perspective! You could even set up a schedule so that you take turns for each day or week or month.  (Source:  Becky Higgins
Month-by-Month ReviewShowcase your favorite highlights and photos a month at a time, whether you do this with one layout or more. Not quite as vigorous as the Picture-a-Day concept, yet still captures so much of your life right now. This is also a great way to go back and do last year or any year if you're trying to "catch up" on scrapbooking.  (Source:  Becky Higgins)  
Baby's First Year. Document that year with the most growth in a human life. Capture your baby's highlights and milestones as well as the routine feedings, diaper changes, and outings. (Source:  Becky Higgins)   
Weekly or Monthly ThemePick a topic to focus on each week or month. For example, one week might be pictures at work, another week might be errands, another might be clothes you wear, and then food you eat, and then technology you love, etc.  (Source:  Becky Higgins)    
Other Ideas:

  • Family Circle Journal. Combine efforts with your extended family, having each person or family take responsibility for a layout or a handful of layouts. Put it all together in one Project Life album and you have an awesome gift for grandparents!
  • Self-Portrait. Self-explanatory. A picture of you doing something every day of the year.
  • Home Sweet Home. Focus on every little detail of the place you call home, inside and out.
  • Smorgasbord. Your Project Life album can be a melting pot for several different approaches mentioned in this section. Don't be afraid to mix it up! When it's all said and done, it's still a defining snapshot of your life.
  • Pregnancy. Capture one of the most miraculous chapters of your life. The doctor appointments, nesting, anxiety, shopping, aches and pains. Document it all along the way.
For supplies on how to start your own "Project Life", I will be posting on my craft blog, Thrifty Crafty Things, so make sure to check that out. 

As for the "Idea" I am talking about in my post's title, I am thinking of teaming or linking up with fellow bloggers who'd like to do the project with me. I am starting one next year, starting Week 1 of the year 2013. So, I thought, "Why not team up and link with other bloggers who are into crafts and would like to do the project as well?" What do you think? As long as someone is willing to do it with me, no matter how little the participants are, it is no problem. 

The concept of my idea is mainly, we complete our Project Life scrapbooks on a weekly basis, and then, we feature them on our blogs, then link up with each other so that our readers could see our works by hopping from one blog to another. This would be great for readers I may have that one may not have. So, more readers get drawn to other blogs (if I am making any sense). 

So, let me know what you fellow crafters think. Don't get me wrong, though! ANYONE can join. No matter how simple the project you come up with is, it is no problem. I just thought it would be great to share each other's ideas and works. So, please, please, PLEASE contact me if you are interested so that I could sketch out a plan. ;)

That's it for now. :) Hope you all have a wonderful day...

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{Precious Moments} BabyLove Eats on Her Own

Last Friday, me and my BabyLove went out to the mall to buy a mosquito net to fend off mosquitoes which I've talked about in my previous post here. Aside from her mosquito net, I also bought her a bib with a pocket to catch any falling food. And, for the first time, she ate by herself. :) Ain't she cute?

Hope everyone is doing fine.. :)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

{Shutter Day Share} I took the life of...

...a MOSQUITO! Haha! 

Look how fresh the blood still was when I killed the mosquito. Take note, these 2 pairs of photos were taken at different days. :D Haha! Because of the rainy days, mosquitoes just seem to be EVERYWHERE. Mosquito lotions don't even last long. Which is why I am going out this weekend to get my BabyLove a mosquito net to protect her from the pesky blood-suckers during the night and whenever she sleeps. 

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Season of Giving

I can't believe how fast time goes by! Can you believe it's nearly the start of the "-ber" months! Yikes! I bet some of the godmothers (ninangs) and godfathers (ninongs) are trying to hide again *guilty, ehem*. LoL!

Kidding aside...

This year means we get to help the less fortunate again! Yay! Last year, me and my mom have started which was just our first of helping the needy during the holidays. And, we have promised that from that day on, we would again do it on the years to come!

I have always been fond of helping people even as a child. I would always be excited when I was a kid when we would visit orphanages and hand them gifts and share a meal with them. At an early age, I knew how good it felt to help those in need and see them smile.

Last year, my mom took part in their company's charity work, and I got to watch. But, even before that, we already had our own little "charity work" planned. Me and my mom decided we'd choose 10 deserving families who can't afford to have Noche Buena during the holidays, and we gave them a not-so-small box full of Noche Buena goods. It wasn't much, but we knew they would be so happy that they had food to celebrate Christmas Eve.

So, I am thinking over on what I could do to raise funds. We plan on having a feeding program or Christmas Party for the children at our area, depending on our budget. :) Here are the ideas I have in mind:

  • Sell handmade cards (probably Christmas card packs that people could give out to families and friends), and part of the proceeds go to our charity fund. I am still skeptical with this, as I am not sure if it will even be a "boom", but, it's still in my list of choices. :D
  • Sell homemade goods. My mom said I make really good kimchi *ehem, proud*. Haha! So, she suggested I make Kimchi to sell to her co-workers on Christmas. If not, probably sweets or pastries. I'll have to see, but this option sure is on top of my list. 
  • Get help from willing sponsors. Well, as early as last year, we already had a couple volunteering to sponsor for our next event when they saw our project. :)
What do you think should I go for? Well, I may choose just one or do a combo of 2 or all of my choices. Depending on how much we could put up, we will either do a feeding program, or if we are lucky and get sponsors and donors enough to throw a party and give out treats to the kids, then we go with that. I have a couple of clothes waiting to be given away, so, I can't hardly wait!

Either way, I know it does not matter how big or small, because all I yearn for is to see the kids smile and forget their problems for just one day. :)


P.S. Interested to help? Don't hesitate to contact me through my email: for details. :) As I said, it does not matter how big or small the help is. It will be greatly appreciated! ;) Pin It Add it to your boards!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Help Me, 'Like' My Page! :)

Hiya all!

This is just a really quick post. :) As some may already know, I am into crafts and am trying to pursue it as a source of income. You can see my crafts on my craft blog, Thrifty Crafty Things, which I seriously need to update! Haha!

However, I need a little bit of help. I just need you guys to 'Like' my page on Facebook, Rainbow Imprints Crafts. You can also check out our Multiply site.

Just to give you a brief description of my works, I make custom-made invitations for all occasions. This also includes giveaway tags, name tags, thank you cards, cupcake toppers, etc.

So, if you need any for your occasions, don't hesitate to contact me. I offer affordable prices. And, for all you of my dear co-bloggers and followers, I will throw in a little something for you with your order, a freebie perhaps? You can choose from 12 free cake toppers, 24 thank you tags/stickers for your giveaways, or 12 name tags. Simply include the code RainbowImprints720 when you order.

For orders, simply shoot an email to, on my Facebook page, or on my Multiply site. Or for faster transactions, simply text me on my number which you can find on my Facebook page. :) Don't forget to include in your email the theme which includes the character and color and all details you need so we can work it out. For samples of my work, check them out in my albums on my FB page.

There ya go. I appreciate every 'Like' on my page. :D Thank you in advanced!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

{Tech Talk} Two Tried and Tested Kid-Friendly Android Apps

Hiya again!

I'm on a posting spree right now! Haha! Well, I am trying to de-stress because today was kind of frustrating because I wasn't really much able to work because BabyLove was in "tantrum" mode. Every time I start working, she also starts making tantrums. *sigh*

So, to make up for my down time, I decided to blog instead. And so far, I am feeling pretty good. :)

And on to my real purpose for this post. If you are ready, read on. :)
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{Just Saying} My Take on Child Harnesses and Reins

Hiya Everyone!

First of all, hope all is doing well, especially those who have been affected by the flooding. My prayers all go for you guys.

So, anyway. My thoughts on whether the use of child harnesses is good or bad has been bothering me for the past days. Well, just because I could not believe there has been a debate on whether using it makes you a good or bad parent. This post is just my thoughts which I want to share with everyone, and hopefully would be informative for both who are and are not against it.

Wondering which side I take? Well, I am really not against it. In fact, I see nothing wrong at all and does not mold a parent to be either good or bad. Yes, I know leashes are more known to be used for our pets, but it does not mean using it on our kids is bad as well. Besides, if you think of the purpose over how it looks, don't you think the function is more important?

If someone asks you why you put a leash around your pet, what would you answer? You'd say so he won't get lost or be taken by someone else, to keep him safe. Isn't that what we want as well for our kids?

Also, according to doctors and pedias, a harness is 'safer' to use than holding your child's hand. Why? Well, because, most children who are held by the hand who makes tantrums or would want to go where he is not supposed to go will result you from trying to jerk up your child, which can cause shoulder dislocation. Don't believe me? Google it. I am not saying though that you don't hold your child's hand. Of course, I'd still hold my BabyLove's hand for as long as she doesn't make tantrums, but I wouldn't want to hurt her trying to get her up by pulling her by the arms. Also, it stresses a child's hand to be held up all the time. Why not put yourself in your child's shoes and try putting up your hand for 15 minutes? What more for one hour?

Let me also add that kids are pretty smart and strong when they try to get off your hand. And once they come free, they'd run as fast as they can. And sometimes, it is pretty hard to catch up with them. Well, it won't be much problem if you are in the mall. But, what if you are on the streets, or amusement parks where there are so many people?

Okay, so there are those tracking devices which a lot encourage to use. If I am not mistaken, they beep at the press of a button and you will hear where your child is at. Well, does that guarantee that they are 'safe'? Hypothetically, what if your child was taken by some pedophile or kidnapper, and he or she is not by your side, and you try to 'beep' your child's tracking device, what now? He's already been taken, and you don't have even the slightest idea where he or she is at. Now that's scary. You'd be lucky if your tracking device actually has a GPS locator screen, but I'll bet that is expensive and not everyone can afford it. I know because my dad uses GPS tracking devices, and they don't come in cheap. This also applies for the situation if they get lost in a crowd of people like in amusement parks. It would be pretty hard trying to locate them lost in a sea of so many people and kids.

Another reason I find these 'favorable' to use is because I am a single mom. Trust me, it's pretty hard to shop trying to hold your child by the hand or carrying him or her, especially now that my BabyLove is starting to get heavy. I don't have anyone I could pass her to while I am choosing some stuff since I don't have somebody with me most of the time. It's pretty difficult to choose stuff to buy with your child making tantrums. You can't really pay attention to the details of the product you are buying in that situation. My BabyLove is not yet old enough to understand that no means no, that "Don't go there" means "Don't". So, having her in a harness allows her to go about, but still ensures that she is within my reach.

I am sorry if I sound so rude or ranting regarding the issue. It just hurts that the use of harnesses implies "bad parenting" to others. All we want is to keep our children safe. I just want to share my thoughts, and hopefully make some people who think it is bad realize that it is not. Especially for single parents like myself, harnesses are very useful. Of course, there is a limit to using it, especially if you are just doing routine stuff and short walks. I just hope people would respect other parent's way of keeping their children safe, because no one can really judge if one is a bad parent or not.

There is no perfect formula or way in being a good parent. Let us not be judgemental, and instead, try to understand one's ways. It's best if we try to understand first why they do this or that and not judge them instantly of their actions, don't you think?

Well, I hope this sheds some useful info for some. For those who are against it, I totally respect you. But, also, respect us for our own ways. ;)

Til my next post! ;)

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Friday, August 10, 2012

{Shutter Day Share} BabyLove ❤s Sushi

Just a quick share. Here is a photo of my BabyLove with her mouth full, enjoying sushi which we I made for dinner last night! :)

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ugh! Slow Internet Connection

Because of the heavy rains, I have been having trouble working since yesterday. And it frustrates me. :( *sigh* Well, maybe because working online is my only way of earning, and if I do not work, I do not earn.

Has anyone been experiencing the same problem? Especially working moms or dads working as well? Tell me about it. >.<

I just hope everything goes back to normal real soon. I can't keep calm as long as I haven't worked properly again yet.

Nevertheless, I hope everyone is safe from the rains. Thank God it is not as a heavy downpour as yesterday. Please do keep safe everyone! :D

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{BC Bloggers Meme} 5 Countries You Want To Visit Before You Retire

Hiya all!

It is yet another week that has passed, and it's time for the next meme topic. I hope everyone's safe since it has been raining hard lately. I, on the other hand, am having trouble working as the internet connection is kind of crappy because of the heavy rains (the downside of working online). And yet, here I am, still finding time to join in the meme and CommEx.because it is just plain fun, especially on rainy days like this. So, if you still haven't joined the fun, why not start with this week's meme, in which Jimmy is hosting! Congrats, Jimmy! Hurry and head on to his blog to join in the fun!

Without further ado, here are the 5 countries I wish to visit before I retire. I am not really sure if would be financially capable, but, a girl can dream, right? Who knows?


Yes, Rome is in my top list! I've always wanted to see Rome because of the rich history and oh so beautiful places! I always wished that when I get married, it's the place we go to on our honeymoon! Haha! *wishful thinking*


Another place I dearly love. I want to see the London bridge, the Big Ben, and hear the British Accent! Hahaha! But, yes, it's one place I really want to go to if I get the chance.


Cherry Blossoms, Anime, Pop Culture, the language - these are just a few of the things I love about Japan. Oh, and I better not forget the food! I also love their dolls, clothes, everything about Japan! Haha! What more can I say?


Another Asian country I am loving. Who doesn't love K-pop, Korean dramas, and their food? Oh, and their clothes!


I just love how most of the houses are white! And, the beaches, my goodness! It just leaves me awestruck!

Sorry if I am not my "talkative self" right now. I am just so pissed because of the slow internet connection. Haha! But, at least I managed to finished this week's meme! Yay for me! Can't wait to read every one else's list!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yay! I appear on Page 1 of Google

I know it's not so much big of a deal to find one of my posts on Page 1 of a Google Search! But, I am like a child right now who wants to show off. LoL! Check this out!

Sorry if the photo is too small! Haha! xD But, yes, that was using keyword 'Oryspa Mosquito'. Haha!

Again, I know this was a lame post, yet, I still wanted to share. :P

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{BC Bloggers Meme} A Day in My Not So Boring Life

Hiya all BC Bloggers!

I think I am kind of behind with this week's topic, but here I am catching up. Hopefully, I could finish this post right away!

This week's topic on the first week of August is hosted by Yuuki! Congrats for making it to the list of hosts for this month's meme topics! Make sure to head on to her post and join in the fun!

If you are ready to get bored, then keep on reading! Haha. This is how a typical day for me goes by.

8:30 - 9:00 - I usually wake up at this time, although it can vary from time to time. It could be earlier or later, especially depending on my BabyLove
9:00 - 9:30 - I eat breakfast (with or without BabyLove if she is sleeping) and make a cup of coffee.
9:30 - 10:30 - BabyLove might be awake already by this time, so I get to fix the bed, then immediately start working at this time. Of course, feed BabyLove at the same time.
10:30 - I cook rice for my bro since he goes to school at 1pm, and has to leave at 12:30. So, he eats early, and I need to cook early. I then resume work.
11:00 - I start cooking.
12:00 - 12:30 - Me and BabyLove eat our lunch.
12:30 - 1:00 - I give BabyLove a shower/bath. I would either follow afterward, depending on her mood! Haha!
1:00 - At about this time, BabyLove is taking her afternoon nap (although this could also vary, depending on what time she woke up.) While she sleeps, I can continue working again in peace. Haha!
4:00 - I make another cup of coffee, then if it's sunny, we go out the gate and I take BabyLove on a bike ride. If we are bored, we head out to the mall (yes, even on weekdays)
6:00 - We get inside and I start getting food ready again.
7:00 - Dinner time!
8:00 - 10:00 - BabyLove is sometimes still active this time, but this is also right about the time I do CommEx's and blog. Then, get BabyLove ready for bed and put her to sleep.
10:00 onwards - Blog, maybe continue work, then blog more. Haha! Then, I start getting ready for bed as well!

Yep, that is my typical day. I guess it only becomes boring if you think it is. I always find a way to fight boredom such as squeezing in a movie while I work. :) It's all on how you see it.

So, join in the fun and share your daily life routine! :D I'd love to see them as well!

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{Shutter Day Share} Travel Photo Checklist

So, I decided I'd finally share, let's say, a teaser of some photos we took at Puerto Princesa. Since I haven't really got the chance to edit the photos we took (I think we have about 900? Whoah!). So, for the meantime, I decided I'd choose a few based on a checklist I found online called "The Travel Photo Checklist" which I found on a blog called Simple As That. Do head on over there if you want to download the checklist as well.:)

I haven't had the chance to take all photos listed on the checklist, but this is as much as I could get. Some did not apply to the trip. So, for those who are asking, "Hey, you don't have a photo for this item on the list," that explains it. Haha!

So, I hope you guys enjoy!
Photograph your bags all packed.  
Group shot before you leave. We were at the airport already, about to enter to check-in.
Photograph your plane tickets.
at the airport waiting for flight. 
everyone loaded in the vehicle to leave.
view from car/plane window. Goodbye Clark. 
Photograph your method of travel. 
Popular cuisine in the area you are. Since Puerto Princesa is an island, the cuisine mainly consists of seafood. Yum!
Take a photo of a local map. 
your finger pointing to a travel destination on a map. Well, actually, we've already reached our destination when I took this photo. Haha
reading a map or traveller's guide. Yep, my mom is sleeping back there. Haha!
photos of the place you stayed. Also, a great shot of my my fave outfit! 
a photo of your fave travel snack. Well, most are candies and sweets! Haha!
Road sign with name of your destination. Actually, I wasn't with my mom and BabyLove on this tour. I was at the Irawan Canopy Zipline tour. :D
document the weather with photos. Well, it was mostly sunny there.
menu from a fave restaurant. We could also order this for room service!
Photo with the people you travelled with. Unfortunately, this was the only photo I have with  some people we travelled with on the tours.
Photograph your favorite travel shoes or outfit.
Photograph some of the local people. They are weaving to be used for bags and other souvenir items.
Photo of a memorable activity you did. Of course, none other than ziplining! :)
Photograph some of the local animals.

Hope you all enjoyed my short photo story! :)

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