Monday, November 11, 2013

A Few of My Favorite "Christmas" Things

The Christmas season is most definitely my most favorite time of the year. And we Filipinos start the season as early as September, which I love because we get to enjoy the joy of Christmas for four, long months! And, now that it's November, we are just about a month away from Christmas Day when we can enjoy it with family and friends.

As soon as the "Ber" months hit, I play Jose Mari Chan's "Christmas in our Hearts" album on full blast, literally on the 1st day of September. I mean, who doesn't love Christmas songs, unless you're a relative of Mr. Scrooge (no offense to other religions who don't celebrate Christmas though. :D). Nothing could go wrong with a nice playlist of cheerful, merry songs to listen to.

Next best thing, decorations! No matter how tiring it is to set up the tree and all other decors, there is always a feeling of joy once the family's done decorating. I also love using my Christmas stuff such as mugs, plates, and some clothes (as long as they aren't over the top!)

Another thing I love most about Christmas is I get to dress up for family gatherings. It gives me an excuse to dress fancier and more girly. And usually, I try to find my perfect Christmas outfit for the year. I usually scour the malls and clothing shops to find an outfit. I usually have an outfit in mind, so I sort of "hunt" for it. This year, I am thinking of peplum dresses/tops. Usually, when I don't find the dress I like in-stores, I try to find one online, which is more convenient as I don't have to travel to and fro. I can just order them online and have them delivered.

If you are stuck on how to style your clothes differently (I know I am always stuck at some point), Ezra (a brand carried by Zalora) has a website with so many ways to style dresses and current trends. Because, I'm sure we all want to wear the dresses we buy not only on Christmas but all year round, right?

Last and definitely not the least! Who doesn't love presents? I love giving away presents, whether big or small. And, for some reason, I love the Christmas rush. LoL! There's just something about last minute shopping, don't you agree? And when I'm not feeling the crowd, I just order stuff online. Some of the sites I love shopping at are Sulit, Online shops (Facebook pages), Zalora, Lazada, etc. Just make sure that if you do shop online, you need order them way before so that your package will get to you before Christmas day and to avoid delivery delays due to so many packages being delivered during the Christmas season.

So, those are just the things I love about Christmas. How about you? What do you love about Christmas? Care sharing them with us in the comments section below?

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