Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome to My Hometown - Pampanga!

This post have been way long overdue. I had to prioritize real life matters before focusing on my online life, so apologies for all those who were expecting my posts, but they never came.


I hope everyone's been doing great. Mine's quite stressful, but then, I still manage to keep myself standing despite the many trials.

And, for my comeback post, I decided I'd share the little gems of my hometown. I love reading other people's post of their hometowns, so I thought I'd share mine. So, if you're ready, here we go!


I think one dish stands out when you think of Pampanga - Sisig! Yes, our hometown's proud of the infamous sisig. Just a fun fact/history of this yummy dish. As far as I know, the mother of "sisig", the late Aling Lucing, discovered this yummy dish by accident. She left pork to grill, and forgot about them, and it was really burnt on the outside. Normally, when food is burnt, we throw it out, regardless if it's still good on the inside. Not for Aling Lucing. She found that it would be a waste to throw out so much food, so she just threw in some spices and condiments here and there - onions, soy sauce, calamansi, etc. - and chopped up the burnt meat. And, born was the yummy sisig we are now enjoying. And every region now also makes their own version of the sisig and is a staple for "pulutan" (food paired with alcoholic drinks), served on a sizzling hot plate.

Aside from Sisig, we also are famous for exotic food such as frogs and kamaru (mole cricket). Another yummy food we enjoy here is what we call "buro", which is fermented rice that is paired with steamed or fried fish. Vegetarian, are you? Why not try "pako"(fern) salad which is mixed with fresh tomatoes and onions!


I can only think of two events which are sought out here in Pampanga - the Giant Lantern Festival and Hot Air Balloon Festival.

The Giant Lantern Festival is held in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga during the Christmas season, about mid-December. Lanterns that are as tall as buildings are built and teams compete to win the title of having the best lantern. I have no other words for this wonderful event but "amazing". It sure is a must-see when you visit Pampanga.

If aviation or simply Hot Air Balloons leave you in awe, then the Hot Air Balloon Festival is perfect. Usually held and organized by Air Force City in Clark, giant balloons of all shapes and sizes will definitely leave you in awe and feeling like a child again. And aside from that, there are many more events held such as kite flying, plane exhibitions, etc.

Tourist Spots

There are not that many tourist spots here in Pampanga, though I may be wrong. I am just basing from my own experience and places I've visited that are worth the trip. However, you can tour around Clarkfield Airbase which was a former base for the US Army. Past Clarkfield, you'll find Zoocobia and find wildlife if nature tripping is what you fancy.

Nightlife? Head on the Balibago. The whole stretch of road now is overflowing with bars and restaurants you could party the night away.

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