Sunday, October 9, 2011

First fever scare... and what to do

Remember the first time your little one got a really, really high fever? Well, my BabyLove got sick 2 weeks ago. I felt that she was hotter than usual, but ignored it at first because it was really cold that time due to the rain storms passing by the country. However, later in the morning, I still felt something was different. That is when I decided to take her temperature. And, alas! She was 38 degrees Celsius!!!

Well, I was calmer than I expected. Why?! Because BabyLove's mood did not change the teeniest bit. She ate really well, she played as usual, and even laughing once in a while. So, I decided to wait a day or two before taking her to the doctor. But, of course, I definitely felt scared, still. Especially with the Dengue fever scare due to the rainy seasons. Who wouldn't get scared when their little ones are not feeling well.

Anyway, fast forward to the 3rd day of her fever. She never had continuous fevers. It would just spike up once in a while. But then, I decided it's time to take her to the doctor. After hours and hours AND hours of waiting, doctor said she's okay, gave her a few medicines, and she was good to go. After that, she did not get any fever anymore.

Before even visiting the doctor, I already looked up the internet regarding "babies getting sick", "baby with high fever", etc. Maybe that's why I stayed really calm. That is why I am really thankful for the current technology. I get to read articles on what to do, when to worry, what could cause it and the like. Don't you agree?

So, for first time moms out there such as myself, here are a few things to remember based on my experienced and on what I researched. It is entirely up to you if you take them or not. =)

  • Keep calm. Well, of course, I am not saying it's not okay to be scared. Everybody gets scared. But, remember, you have the internet to search hundreds of articles regarding your problem. And you will find moms like yourself who can help you. Well, I suggest this because I assume that you currently have an internet connection, because you won't be reading this if you don't. =P
  • Watch for signs that go with your little one's fever -- vomiting, nausea, lack of energy, not playful as usual, and anything out of the ordinary. If you experience any of those, immediately see the doctor.
  • Trust your instincts. If you feel there is something wrong, see the doctor right away. There is nothing more powerful than a mom's instinct.
  • Be patient. Your little one could be crying and be grumpy the whole day. But remember, he/she may be feeling really bad. So, make him/her feel that you are there for them.

So, first time moms like me, care to share your thoughts on this scenario? How did you feel about your little one getting sick for the very first time? What did you do? I'd love to hear.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To Extend The Life of An Opened Jar of Baby Food

It's really ironic that I just felt that I had to blog this since I really don't buy store-bought jarred baby food. I prefer making it myself so that I can make sure that anything BabyLove eats is fresh. However, it can't be avoided when relatives and friends give them out as gifts. 

So, the question is if they will stay fresh for a long time if stored? This holds true if they gave you a whole box of them, like about 20+ jars. Well, if the jar has not been opened, not a problem. But, once you pop out the lid, that's when it starts to spoil really quick, on the 3rd day at the most. What if your baby does not eat as much yet and can't finish the jar of baby food by the third day? Now, that is a problem. You wouldn't want to waste and throw half of what's left in the jar every single time. So, here are some tips for you to extend the shelf life of your jarred baby food.

When you pop open a jar, set aside half of it in the freezer. Spoon out the half with a clean spoon into another clean container and put the jar into the fridge. This extends the shelf life of the baby food. This happens all the time at home because I mix up her jarred baby food with regular food I make (boiled squash, carrots, etc). You can check out a more detailed post of it here.

I recommend you consume the whole jar (yes, that one in the freezer) at the max of 5 days. Some jars have on the label that you have to consume them in 2-3 days. But, if you freeze it, it extends the shelf life. However, I make sure that I consume it all a maximum of 5 days.

Also, avoid putting the jar on the shelves on the door of the fridge. This is because it isn't as cold on the shelves as compared as on the inside. I found that it spoils even faster when it is stored on the door compartment. 

I am no pro, so it's still up to you how you store baby food. These are just tips that I found useful and proven to save all those bottled jars of baby food. Please share in the comments your own tips on how to extend the life of baby food in jars. 

Luv and cheers! =)
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scrapbooking supplies on a budget...

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So, I just finished on my weekend scrapbook session and decided to blog about finding cheap scrapbooking supplies. I am currently completing a "My Baby's First Year" scrapbook, which I aim to finish before BabyLove's first birthday. However, this post is not intended for the scrapbooking I am making. Don't worry, I will share it with you on future posts. ;)

Anyway. On to the real topic. Scrapbooking supplies bought from craft stores (or in our case bookstores because there aren't a lot of craft stores here in the Philippines) could be really pricey. Originally, scrapbooks were made from, well, "scraps". Literally. It's just recently that ready-made scrapbook supplies available for fast and easy scrapbook making. So, if you want to save your cash for scrapbook supplies, read on.

Let's start with the backgrounds of your scrapbook pages. I personally prefer using gift wrapping paper as they come in wide range of designs. You can choose from plain colored wrappers to those with fun, whimsical designs on them. And sometimes, they come in cheaper than ready-made, pre-cut backgrounds sold individually. Sometimes, one background would cost to a whole sheet of wrapping paper. Yikes! 

Now, the most important of all scrapbooking supplies: Embellishements. Embellishments is what gives beauty to any scrapbook. Aside from keepsakes and momentos you attach to your scrapbook, you can purchase stickers and handmade cards from the store. However, before you head on to the bookstore to grab one for your scrapbook, hold it right there! Did you know you can buy some of them, of exact same types and styles? A lot of Filipinos are familiar with this place, as this is where they get items for cheap when bought in wholesale. Yes, you got it right... Divisoria! 

168 Shopping Mall

Divisoria is a place you can find almost everything you need -- crafts, hardware, clothing, shoes, etc. Some nearby malls are also available for your frugal shopping, for those who don't want to brave into the crowded streets of Divisoria. Don't want to believe me? Well, check out my photos below. 

Stickers and Handmade cards for Embellishment

See? They sell the exact same things for double the price in bookstores. In bookstores, they are sold for more than P50.00 (that is a little over a dollar) each. But, in Divisoria, they sell these for, at the most, P20.00 each, that's around 50 cents. Those on top are sponge stickers, while the 6 on the bottom are handmade cards. 

Aside from the stickers, here are cute little punchers that I also found. 

I was only able to get half of the whole set. The box had 10 cute punchers. The total price is only P200 (approx. $5) for the whole set. Ain't they cute?

See how much you could save on scrapbooking supplies, if only you look in the right places? I hope this inspires other aspiring scrapbookers who are on a budget. Kindly leave any questions you may have, and I will do my best to help you out. 

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A Fresh Start...

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Whew, finally I am back to blogging. I haven't the slightest idea if I still got the hang of it, but hey, it's worth a try. 

The reason why I started a new blog is so I could share with others, and hopefully also be an inspiration for struggling single parents like myself. I am really, really new to the world of mommy-hood, and everyday is a learning process. 

Singles parents like myself often think that they can't make it on their own. That is absolutely not true. While everyone wished they had their happy endings like those we see in movies and romance movies, unfortunately, it's not for everyone. But, it does not mean that it all ends there. We are pretty much capable of doing the same things 'two' parents could do. Well, we should actually be proud of ourselves. Why? Let's see: Maybe because we can do both. Now, that's something you should be proud of, right? 

Anyway, moving on to a lighter not. I'll be posting anything related to my life with my BabyLove, who is my whole life right now. Might it be crafts, recipes, a day in our life, the list goes on. I also hope I meet new people through this simple blog. I do not dream to be a popular blogger, but at least I'll be able to connect with people of same interests as me. 

So, I wish myself good luck (LoL). 'Til my next post. =)

Luvs and Cheers!

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