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Scrapbooking supplies on a budget...

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So, I just finished on my weekend scrapbook session and decided to blog about finding cheap scrapbooking supplies. I am currently completing a "My Baby's First Year" scrapbook, which I aim to finish before BabyLove's first birthday. However, this post is not intended for the scrapbooking I am making. Don't worry, I will share it with you on future posts. ;)

Anyway. On to the real topic. Scrapbooking supplies bought from craft stores (or in our case bookstores because there aren't a lot of craft stores here in the Philippines) could be really pricey. Originally, scrapbooks were made from, well, "scraps". Literally. It's just recently that ready-made scrapbook supplies available for fast and easy scrapbook making. So, if you want to save your cash for scrapbook supplies, read on.

Let's start with the backgrounds of your scrapbook pages. I personally prefer using gift wrapping paper as they come in wide range of designs. You can choose from plain colored wrappers to those with fun, whimsical designs on them. And sometimes, they come in cheaper than ready-made, pre-cut backgrounds sold individually. Sometimes, one background would cost to a whole sheet of wrapping paper. Yikes! 

Now, the most important of all scrapbooking supplies: Embellishements. Embellishments is what gives beauty to any scrapbook. Aside from keepsakes and momentos you attach to your scrapbook, you can purchase stickers and handmade cards from the store. However, before you head on to the bookstore to grab one for your scrapbook, hold it right there! Did you know you can buy some of them, of exact same types and styles? A lot of Filipinos are familiar with this place, as this is where they get items for cheap when bought in wholesale. Yes, you got it right... Divisoria! 

168 Shopping Mall

Divisoria is a place you can find almost everything you need -- crafts, hardware, clothing, shoes, etc. Some nearby malls are also available for your frugal shopping, for those who don't want to brave into the crowded streets of Divisoria. Don't want to believe me? Well, check out my photos below. 

Stickers and Handmade cards for Embellishment

See? They sell the exact same things for double the price in bookstores. In bookstores, they are sold for more than P50.00 (that is a little over a dollar) each. But, in Divisoria, they sell these for, at the most, P20.00 each, that's around 50 cents. Those on top are sponge stickers, while the 6 on the bottom are handmade cards. 

Aside from the stickers, here are cute little punchers that I also found. 

I was only able to get half of the whole set. The box had 10 cute punchers. The total price is only P200 (approx. $5) for the whole set. Ain't they cute?

See how much you could save on scrapbooking supplies, if only you look in the right places? I hope this inspires other aspiring scrapbookers who are on a budget. Kindly leave any questions you may have, and I will do my best to help you out. 

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  1. I am also a struggling scrapbooker. I make use of old magazines because there ain't a lot of craft stores here in Davao. I am looking for craft punchers but sadly there aren't so many choices. Online stores don't help too because most online stores are US based and the supplies are super pricey. :(

    1. Me, too! Finally someone who is in the same boat as I am. Sadly, even those in Divisoria have come out pricey, more than double the price now!

      And yes, Online stores selling US stuff, my oh my! They are way out of my budget. I am not against them though. I really did wish I could get them myself, but, there are far more important things to spend on than just craft supplies. Have you tried printables? I can help you out if you want. ;)

  2. are there also special papers and assorted foam shapes in divisoria?

    1. As far as I remember, I don't think they do. So far, craft foam and craft foam shapes are one of the things I have trouble finding. Try at NBS, sometimes they have craft foam sheets, mostly seen from the "Art Attack" brand. Though there are times they just have these generic packets that carry have more foam sheets than those from art Attack. Hope this helps. =)

    2. And as for special papers, yes, they do have, but not all stalls have. You just have to scourge through the stalls to find them. The last time I went, I was able to score some scrapbook BGs for only 50php for 10sheets. Downside was they just had one set, no other varieties to choose from.

  3. where exacty did you find the craft punchers in a box? stall number if you do remember them.. it's really hard to find and the ones in the net are so expensive

    1. Hello Faith!

      Sorry, it was a looooooong time ago since I last went to Divisoria, so I don't remember anymore what Pasilio or stall number it was. But, you can also check CD-R King or Kenko (sister company of CD-R king), and you will sometimes find them. National bookstore also carries a few punches, but are priced at around 40php-50php each. Hope that helps


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