Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How To Extend The Life of An Opened Jar of Baby Food

It's really ironic that I just felt that I had to blog this since I really don't buy store-bought jarred baby food. I prefer making it myself so that I can make sure that anything BabyLove eats is fresh. However, it can't be avoided when relatives and friends give them out as gifts. 

So, the question is if they will stay fresh for a long time if stored? This holds true if they gave you a whole box of them, like about 20+ jars. Well, if the jar has not been opened, not a problem. But, once you pop out the lid, that's when it starts to spoil really quick, on the 3rd day at the most. What if your baby does not eat as much yet and can't finish the jar of baby food by the third day? Now, that is a problem. You wouldn't want to waste and throw half of what's left in the jar every single time. So, here are some tips for you to extend the shelf life of your jarred baby food.

When you pop open a jar, set aside half of it in the freezer. Spoon out the half with a clean spoon into another clean container and put the jar into the fridge. This extends the shelf life of the baby food. This happens all the time at home because I mix up her jarred baby food with regular food I make (boiled squash, carrots, etc). You can check out a more detailed post of it here.

I recommend you consume the whole jar (yes, that one in the freezer) at the max of 5 days. Some jars have on the label that you have to consume them in 2-3 days. But, if you freeze it, it extends the shelf life. However, I make sure that I consume it all a maximum of 5 days.

Also, avoid putting the jar on the shelves on the door of the fridge. This is because it isn't as cold on the shelves as compared as on the inside. I found that it spoils even faster when it is stored on the door compartment. 

I am no pro, so it's still up to you how you store baby food. These are just tips that I found useful and proven to save all those bottled jars of baby food. Please share in the comments your own tips on how to extend the life of baby food in jars. 

Luv and cheers! =)
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