Sunday, July 29, 2012

{Giveaway} Listlab's Printable Planners

Hiya all!

I was going through BC Blogger's CommEx when I ran into Schemaholic's blog. And, guess what! She's got a new set of really cute planners for almost any thing you can think of organizing.

They are all so cute and girly, I just want to get every one of them (maybe on my next salary). Since we are living in a busy lifestyle, planning our day and organizing is very important to get us through what we need to get done. So, she designed these really cute planners which you can't help doodling on to keep track of your daily activities and what-nots.

So, why not head on over to her Etsy shop called ListLab. You will almost any type of organizer that would suit your needs!

Also, make sure to visit her blog, she is having a giveaway until the end of July!!! It is so easy to join. Head on over to her blog post to see the mechanics!

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  1. Thanks so much for helping me promote my shop! I sent you an email, please check. :)

  2. Ooh her blog, it was love at first sight for me!

  3. I joined already. I chose Home Management and it's so nice and dainty. What did you get Yhey? :-)

  4. i love giveaways + paper products so this one is perfect for me. glad that i came by your blog today + caught wind of this. joining now! ;)


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