Thursday, August 2, 2012

{Shutter Day Share} Travel Photo Checklist

So, I decided I'd finally share, let's say, a teaser of some photos we took at Puerto Princesa. Since I haven't really got the chance to edit the photos we took (I think we have about 900? Whoah!). So, for the meantime, I decided I'd choose a few based on a checklist I found online called "The Travel Photo Checklist" which I found on a blog called Simple As That. Do head on over there if you want to download the checklist as well.:)

I haven't had the chance to take all photos listed on the checklist, but this is as much as I could get. Some did not apply to the trip. So, for those who are asking, "Hey, you don't have a photo for this item on the list," that explains it. Haha!

So, I hope you guys enjoy!
Photograph your bags all packed.  
Group shot before you leave. We were at the airport already, about to enter to check-in.
Photograph your plane tickets.
at the airport waiting for flight. 
everyone loaded in the vehicle to leave.
view from car/plane window. Goodbye Clark. 
Photograph your method of travel. 
Popular cuisine in the area you are. Since Puerto Princesa is an island, the cuisine mainly consists of seafood. Yum!
Take a photo of a local map. 
your finger pointing to a travel destination on a map. Well, actually, we've already reached our destination when I took this photo. Haha
reading a map or traveller's guide. Yep, my mom is sleeping back there. Haha!
photos of the place you stayed. Also, a great shot of my my fave outfit! 
a photo of your fave travel snack. Well, most are candies and sweets! Haha!
Road sign with name of your destination. Actually, I wasn't with my mom and BabyLove on this tour. I was at the Irawan Canopy Zipline tour. :D
document the weather with photos. Well, it was mostly sunny there.
menu from a fave restaurant. We could also order this for room service!
Photo with the people you travelled with. Unfortunately, this was the only photo I have with  some people we travelled with on the tours.
Photograph your favorite travel shoes or outfit.
Photograph some of the local people. They are weaving to be used for bags and other souvenir items.
Photo of a memorable activity you did. Of course, none other than ziplining! :)
Photograph some of the local animals.

Hope you all enjoyed my short photo story! :)

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