Thursday, September 5, 2013

{Vanity on a Budget} Vani-tip of the Day: Restoring Dried Up Cream Eyeshadows

I am back with another "Vanity" post. LoL. Sorry to all my "guy" or non-makeup wearing readers as this is something probably that does not interest you much. LoL. But, I'm a girly girl, and even now that I am a mommy, I can't help being one. Hihi!


**Disclaimer: I am not, under any circumstance, a professional. The tips and reviews I share are based off my own experiences and own opinions. I simply share what works for me, hoping it would help others. I only share what I know would benefit others and in no way intend to cause any harm. :) Just thought I'd clear that up.

This is a follow-up post regarding my previous review on the Essence Stay All Day Eyeshadow. In the review, I mentioned that the product I picked up was practically dried up, and that I have found a way to, at least, temporarily melt it to a blend-able or workable consistency.

Cream and gel makeup products tend to dry up really quickly, regardless of how expensive or inexpensive they are. Especially if they are in little jars where you take the whole lid off to expose the product. It's because it comes in contact with air every time you open up the jar, causing the "liquid" part to evaporate, leaving you with a solid product over time.

Dried up makeup is NO fun at all. Imagine spending your hard-earned money only to find out that the product dried up in only a couple weeks of use - such a waste! I first encountered this problem when I had my very first cream eyeliner from ELF Cosmetics. I loved that the product was practically smudge- and budge-proof after it dries, but I hated the fact that it dried up so quickly! I have been in the search since then for a way to "revive" cream makeup, but none of them worked. Well, maybe the Glycerine method would, but I find it hard to get a bottle of it (if anyone knows where to easily get this, please tell me!!!). I once got one at Watsons, but I lost my bottle of Glycerin (which is still full) and when I went back to Watsons to get one, there is no more on the shelf. So this method is a scratch for me.

I could go on and on with ALL the methods that I've tried (which did not work!), but I don't want to make this post longer than it is already at this point. So my secret?

If you still haven't guessed what it is, it's actually a Mug Warmer (~100-150php at Divi)! :D

Yep, I found a better use for this mug warmer than it's real purpose (it never keeps my coffee hot. Haha). I just had the random thought of putting my cream eyeshadow on it, and guess what! It did melt it to a blend-able consistency! **Caution: Allow product to be cool enough to apply! You don't want to burn your eyes!** Below are photos of my now melted eyeshadow. You can clearly see I was able to make a dent in the middle.

You might ask, "Why not just dunk the product in very hot water in a bowl, or boil it in water?" Well, I did try both. But, allowing the product to sit in a bowl of hot water wasn't enough since the water would cool down quickly. I did not want it to boil in water as I'm afraid it my "burn" the product, same as what might happen if you microwave it. The mug warmer's heat is sort of regulated, and not hot enough that it would burn the product. :) I never tried putting a bowl of hot water on the mug heater, though. LoL!

I just simply leave the product there for 5-10 minutes, or until I get my face prepped, then remove it from the warmer for it to be cool and ready for use! That's it! Really easy and simple.

  • I don't recommend reviving products that have dried up due to expiry. O.o Don't blame me for any complications if you do. :D
  • To prolong the life of your cream/gel makeups, transfer a small amount to another clean container/jar (you can get one at Watsons), and keep the original jar tightly sealed in a cool place, away from sunlight. I saw this from YouTuber name Koren. This should keep it from drying up caused by opening the jar every now and then.
  • With my Essence Cream eyeshadow, this is only a temporary fix and would not keep it "soft". So, I usually just heat it up before I'm ready to use it. Haven't tried with other brands. :)
Sorry for such a length-y post with all the explaining. It sure is one long post just for a tip. LoL! But, better well-explained than not, right? 

'Til my next post!

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  1. Ang galing ng discovery mo, you found another use for the mug warmer. Parehong hindi na sayang ang dried up make up at ang warmer :)

    1. Thanks Vera! :) Yep, sayang kasi ang bayad. The eyeshadow is not that cheap (for me, at least). Kaya hanap ng ways to the max until I came across this that FINALLY works! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. haha! ang galing nung mug warmer. i've never seen anything like it before but kudos for utilizing it to save dried make-up.:)

  3. Galing. Ngayon ko lang nalaman na may mug warmer pala. :D

  4. I'm glad you added all the warnings and disclaimers... You never know with make up. Smart tips though TY! :-)

  5. I don't put eye cream or gel. I am just wondering if there's no chemical reaction after warming the product. Does such product have a recommended storage temperature?

    1. This is not meant for eye creams/gel Chin Chin. :) This is meant to be used for cosmetics (gel eyeliners, cream eyeshadow, cream blush, etc), which have little to no reactions when heated. Eye creams and gels sure might have a reaction when heated as they are infused with some chemicals. And, I have yet to find an eye cream that dries out unless it's expired. LoL! Hope I was able to clear that out.

  6. I'm actually not a make-up wearer but I admire any girl who does as long as she becomes prettier. It's also my first to know about the mug warmer. Thanks for the tips.


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