Friday, September 20, 2013

{Precious Moments} BabyLove's First Ever Boo-Boo


This post features my BabyLove and her first ever boo-boo she got when she was standing on the couch. And before anyone passes the wrong judgement as if I enjoyed it, of course that's not the case. I felt bad and scared at the moment. But, after it has passed, I think it was just a lesson learned for her not to stand on the bed or couch anymore, and a laugh after and for years to come when she gets older. :)

See, she's smiling now. She's very okay now, despite her swollen eye. She got her bump on her forehead actually, but I've read on the internet that it may affect the eyes which is not really a concern unless more serious symptoms occur such as vomiting or what-not. She's enjoying my gel eye mask which I placed in the freezer.

As I mentioned, of course it did give me a scare, but not to the point of paranoia. I am thankful for the internet as most of the information on these types of incidents and everything about mommy-hood, I can find on the web. Which is maybe why I did not freak out as much and go crazy.

How about you? Have your little one scared you with an incident like this? I'd like to know in the comments below. :)

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  1. I haven't a kid yet.. but my family will never forget when i fell from the stairs with my walker. just a few steps though but thank God im still alive! :) hehe take care of your little one :)

  2. It is scary when little ones get hurt, specially when they are wailing loudly...I would surely panic. Good thing she's alright naman after that.

  3. yes, it is so painful for us parents when our kid is hurt, but I always think that it is in times like this that they learn a lot!

  4. it is a natures for us mommies to be over protective to our kids..and no matter how we try to avoid them from getting hurt there are times that is it a unavoidable, accident do happen.. good thing to know your baby love is fine..

  5. I think this is really part of growing up but of course we cannot remove it from parents like us to worry when we see our kids being hurt.

  6. i think this happens one every kid on the block, just hope we become more careful.. hope she gets well soon.

  7. Awww, wawa naman. I hope she's feeling better and the booboo is gone now.

  8. Wawa naman... it's okay. All kids will pass that stage. Hehehe! My daughter burned her hand by touching an open end wiring of a Christmas lights back in 2010. She was just 2yo. She don't remember any of it now, but it left a kelloids over her palms that I'm sure she'll ask about when she grow up.


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