Monday, September 9, 2013

Feeling Unaccomplished + New Background!

Before I go on to my actual post... What do you guys think of my new background? Well, I love the Christmas Season, so I am getting into the Christmas spirit really early! Haha!

Don't you just have one of those days when you feel unaccomplished? You just so want to accomplish them, but can't? Well, lately, I've been feeling so unaccomplished.

At the start of the year, I really wanted to do my craft projects, especially Project Life, religiously. However, due to the need of having to earn money and taking care of house chores, even if I want to sit down for it, it doesn't allow me to. And I feel bad to see my crafts collecting dust and I don't get to tend to "update" them.

However, I just think of it in a positive note. After all, I can't earn money with doing my personal crafts (how I wish I did. LoL!), and earning to give my daughter's needs is my priority, more so because I am a single mom. I value every hour that I could work on, and if I don't work, I don't get paid.

As I said, sometimes I just feel bad I do not get to achieve my goals for this year. But, hey, there is a good reason for that after all. I think I will be able to sit down on it and maybe record just the important events in my BabyLove's life? At least I can compromise. It just reminds me that we have to live life as it goes by, since yesterday will be different from today and tomorrow and enjoy every minute of it. :) (The scrapbooking and recording can be done anytime, anyway!).

Stay happy!

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  1. Your background looks soothing to the eyes due to its neutral colors. Nice! I also feel unaccomplished sometimes especially when I begin writing my to do list and only tick a couple after the end of the day... but learning to prioritize is another thing. And I coax myself too by saying, at least you've done something! :)

    1. Hello Farida. Indeed. At least work gets done, even if we don't get to finish ALL of them. :)

  2. I like your new background. The colors are muted and the design is pretty. As for your goals, you are doing the best you can so don't beat yourself up. Being a single mom is hard work and you deserve kudos for keeping it all together and still finding time to blog.
    Stay blessed,

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I am enjoying my new blog background too much myself. Haha!

      True. I just remind myself that it's not worth stressing about. Being a single mom sure is hard work, but I am blessed that I still get to do "some" of the things I love doing!

  3. Ayy sis, it is very me today. Long story. I feel so pissed at the same time. I felt I wasted the whole day without accomplishing anything. Still, I managed to make the exams para kahit yun lang I can feel I've done something today. :)

  4. you have a great background here.. i am a singlemom also and there are times that find hard to do my work at home

  5. yep, love your new background. pretty! :-) don't worry about your scrapbook, right, that can wait. but your baby is a baby only once, she'll grow up soon, so enjoy every moment of it. there's plenty of time to do your scrapbook. you might one day do it together, di ba? :-)

  6. I love your background sis. Christmas is truly in the air.

    I sometimes feel bad too especially when I fail to achieve my goals. But at the end of the day, what is important how you try your best to achieve your goals. So that next time it will be all yours.

  7. Love your background, too! :) Don't worry about what you're feeling right now. There are times that we really feel that way. It's a breather. Then you will go and accomplish things again.


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