Friday, September 13, 2013

Product Empties Collection [June to August] - Part 1

This post has been sitting in my Drafts for quite some time now and definitely needs some attention before the empties pile up! LoL!

Anyway, who doesn't like empties, right? Well, it's kind of ironic, for who would want an empty bottle of product. But, for me, it's an accomplishment, as I get to see the products I've actually used up in the span of 3 months! Woot, woot! Yay for me!

I am sharing now the products I've used up, maybe throw in a little review whether or not I liked the product. :) Products are listed in no particular order.

This I got from a gift pack from Celeteque during their promo from last summer. Well, I can't really say if this was good or not, since this only contained 5mL of product, not enough to really test it out. Maybe I will try sometime. Repurchase? Maybe. 

This has been sitting in my bathroom for months, and I finally finished it up! LoL! Not repurchasing anytime soon as I still haven't found my HG conditioner yet, and I don't think this is it yet. 

Well, I know I kinda cheated on this photo. But, I used it all up actually after taking this photo. Haha! I did not want to take out my camera and transfer files all over again, so decided to take the photo. Repurchase? YES! Already have a replacement for this acually, and this is my 3rd bottle already! It's not drying and doesn't smell bad like other nail polish removers.

This got me into the "shower gel" bandwagon! I never liked the idea of Shower Gels/Body Washes as I feel I waste products. But, boy, I liked how soft it left my skin feeling! This was given to me by my relatives in the US, but found that we have this here, too. So, I will definitely repurchase, just not soon.

This is so affordable yet I like it. It may not be at par with high end hair masques or deep conditioners, but I love this. For ~160php, I mean, you can't go wrong! This smells SOOOOO GOOD, I would say of strawberry candies? Hair doesn't stay soft as long, but I use this twice a week, so doesn't really matter. Repurchase? YES!

This is a discontinued product already. These did not last long in the market. Well, I did continue using it, however, the cream/gel part (don't know which, haha!) already dried up and clumps. So, it's something to throw away!

I've been having breakouts lately, maybe due to the weather. Not severe though, but I think this helps. :) Repurchase? Already did! Though I may not next time as I want to try other brands :D

My 2nd Body Wash/Shower Gel I've used since my first one. Only costs ~70-80php, but smells really good! I actually want to try the new scent, Rose something. So yes, definitely a repurchase! 

I still have a tiny bit left which I just use for cleaning up the shape of my brows when I mess up.  Otherwise, it's an empty for me since I can't use it for its real purpose anymore. Repurchase? Yes! Definitely. Though I am trying out other brands first.

Victoria's Secret Hand and Body Lotion in Coconut Passion, Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water (for hair), Garnier Multi-Action Cream, Johnson's Baby Cooling Bath (for my BabyLove). The Garnier Cream I got from a contest held by the brand itself, the lotion I got as a gift, so I won't be getting those again. As for the Essence Water, I am not repurchasing. Nothing bad about it, but not impressive as well.
I may have missed out on a couple more items, so I will doing a follow-up post to this and make sure I get everything else pictured! That's how proud I am and want to share EVERYTHING I used up! LoL!

I'll end my post here, and I want to know if any others use the same products I used, or what your recent product empties are. I'd love to know! Til' my next post!

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  1. I noticed that you are using Celeteque products. Have you tried the non-alcohol based celeteque ? I was eying it last time but store does not have the trial size :(

    1. Yeah! I actually really like it. But because I have been having breakouts lately, I had to opt for the Oil Control one. The non-alcohol toner is really good, no stinging, no dry feeling. Just feels like water. :) You should try it. It's less than 100php but lasts a long time. ;)

  2. I like sunsilk shampoo and conditioner too. I use it too.

    1. Me, too! Tried and tested and really cheap. :)

  3. Those are a lot of kikay kits ha. I think I only have nail polish remover hahahhaa!!!1

    1. hahaha! Is it obvious that I am so vain and girly-girly? hehehe!

  4. Sulit. How long does it usually take you to finish a bottle of your products? Matagal tagal din sakin eh. Hehe. Hindi kasi ako consistent sa beauty routine except syempre yung mga sabay sa ligo. hehe

    1. Matagal rin, Vera. Coz, like you, di rin ako consistent sa mga morning/night routines ko, unless yung mg sabay rin sa paligo. Haha! They could last for a couple of months, so sulit talaga for me. xD Hehehe

  5. From the listed above, Bobbie Nail Polish Remover lang na try ko. hehehe


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