Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hate Getting Sick, How I Treat It

Well, it seems like this hot weather has already took a toll on my health. As soon as I got up today, I could already feel a scratchy throat. And as the day drags on, I start feeling my nose getting itchy. Tonight, I've already started sneezing non-stop.

Seems like I got infected by the cold virus from my sick brother. Boys are sometimes neglecting the importance of hygiene, especially when they are sick. They'd touch something I usually use, or sneeze and cough without bothering to cover to mouth or things like that. So, I always, ALWAYS end up catching the cold as well.

The last thing I want is catching a cold. I hated getting sick when I was a kid. I hate it even more now that I have my darling ♥BabyLove♥. Who likes seeing our little one get sick, right? That's the main reason. Another things is that I cannot do things I need to get done, I get irritable, and overly tired, but the most difficult part is that I can't even sleep it off as long as ♥BabyLove♥ is awake. I have to watch over her, feed her when she's hungry, attend to whatever needs she may have.

So, how do I treat a cold? There is no way you can stop it. Getting sick and catching a cold is the body's way of fighting off the virus. It's best to let the body do it's own thing. The only thing we can do is relieve ourselves from discomforts and pain. Here, I will share treat and relieve myself from the pains of getting sick.

  • Drink LOTS of water! It's one thing I do religiously as soon as I catch a cold. Water washes out the toxins, helping your body recover faster.
  • 2x the Vitamin C -- or even MORE. Yes, I take double doses of Vitamin C tablets as soon as I feel a cold coming, next to drinking lots of water. But, not only that. You can increase your Vitamin C intake by eating fruits or drinking juices rich in Vitamin C. 
  • Get rest as much as you can. If you are like me with a 1-year-old who's so active and have to be watched over, then you may find it hard. What I personally do is that when she falls asleep, I take the advantage of catching some sleep as well. 
  • Have someone help you watch over your little one if you are a single mom like myself, if available. Sometimes, we just don't have the energy to watch over them ourselves and need to rest for just a couple of hours. If you find it hard to catch some rest to restore your energy, if someone at home is around, have them look after your son/daughter for just a little while. That should relieve you for a little while. 
  • Sore throat is one thing I hate the most! I can't eat, I have trouble swallowing, etc. This remedy of mine may sound crazy, but it WORKS great for me. Are you ready??? *drumroll*....... Pour salt directly on your sore throat! I know, I know, this sounds like torture. But believe me, it works. I found this on a website a year or 2 ago. You can find it here. It may taste awful, but it really does work. Well, there's a trick on how to not suffer from the unpleasant taste, and everything is on the website I linked to. There's nothing more I can say about how "great" this remedy is. Haha! Instant relief, really.
  • Don't forget to disinfect things you've touched, places you've stayed at around your home especially if you sneeze or cough, to make sure that other members of the family won't get infected. Most especially your kids. Throw away used napkins, wash your hands right away, and spray a disinfectant spray on places you've stayed at.
Well, that's just a few of the things I always do. I am no expert, just sharing what I do to relieve myself from the pains of having colds and getting sick. I hope this helps you in any way. 

Wishing you all good health! =D

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  1. Just last week, my daughter and I were both down with colds. It's the worst, isn't it? She had sore throat too, and even had to take antibiotics. Yup, I also double dose on Vit. C when I have a cold.

    1. Oh yes, the worst! So far, seems like my colds did not push through, yet. Haha. Well, let's all try to keep healthy..


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