Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Day Out At The 17th Hot Air Balloon Festival

Isn't it just wonderful? I always look forward to the annual Philippine Hot Air Balloon Festival at Clark, Pampanga. I am lucky enough that I live nearby, so I can go yearly with not much difficulty. For some reason, I never tire of watching the hot air balloons set off, the ultralight planes doing some exhibitions, and all that. And so, I decided this would be the perfect day out with my BabyLove. For more info on what this event is all about, click here.

This was dated a month ago, and it's only now I was able to blog about it, since it's just recently I got back to blogging. But, I just can't help but share, so I decided to post about it anyways.
I remember when I was really young, there was no entrance fee at all. You just go to the flight location of the balloons early in the morning, and watch as they inflate them and they fly off for a race. All that keeps the people away a short distance from the balloons is some posts and wires that were built as fences. That's it. However, as years went by, everything started to change bit by bit. A lot more people started coming over to witness the event, bleachers started being put up, until finally, a tall fence replaced what used to be fences we could go over and under.

Also, before, there weren't any booths for souvenirs back then. You had to bring your own basket of snacks and a mat perhaps so you could rest and eat. Now, a number of booths have popped out, which mostly are selling food, and most especially souvenirs.

But, as far as the event activities, nothing much changed. Just a couple of activities added every now and then. And I never tire of it, EVER! And this year, I was finally able to take my little BabyLove, who was a year and a month old at the time. Although I know she wasn't really able to appreciate the 'event't itself, but I know she enjoyed looking up at the hundreds of kites flying over head. Here is a picture of us just before leaving home:

If you want to see more of the pictures, a slideshow is included below.=)

So, have you ever attended a hot air balloon fest? If you are visiting or live in the Philippines, do you plan attending on the next event? Share me your thoughts. :)

Hot Air Balloon Fest - Slideshow


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  1. I've always wanted to be part of this yearly event, but somehow, something always happens, and I end up not going :). Hopefully, I can finally take my daughter there someday... We just have to get up real early, right? :)

    1. Haha! Awww. That's too bad. Yep, really early. Or for those who live outside Pampanga, they'd go the day before and check-in in a hotel. There are really a lot of places to stay in that are cheap. :) Hope you get the chance to attend the event, I am sure your daughter would love it!


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