Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cebu Pacific Booking Woes

Summer is just weeks away, and we can definitely feel the weather start to get warmer and warmer, each passing day. And as soon as March steps in, the first thing that comes into my mind is the beach! Every year, the family always make it a point that we get to go out on a vacation at least twice during vacation.

And, if you are like me who's keeping track of seat sales at the airlines, you probably have noticed that more and more promos are being offered, in time for the summer! So, me and my mom decided we'd book a trip (although it's not for summer at all. We were planning for February or March of 2013). But then, Cebu Pacific ruined my excitement.

So, how exactly did Cebu Pacific ruin all my excitement? Well, I really have nothing against the airline, just the booking system online. Mind you, this is my first time to travel by air, and I am starting domestically (hopefully at nearby countries in the future), so you can just imagine how excited I am. Before I did try booking for our trip, Mama asked me to book her a flight to Hong Kong. So, I found her a discounted seat sale price, and the booking process went on smoothly. That just made me more excited! I knew that booking won't be a problem.

Boy, was I wrong! So, I started to find a date with the seat promo available (Manila - Puerto Princesa - Manila). Yay! Found one! Then, details needed to be entered: DONE! And, alas! First error!
So, I needed to enter the information of the guests all over again! Okay, click "Continue." Almost there...

Add-ons: no thank you! Click "Continue!"

And yet, another error!

And, this is where I get stuck, forever!!! I tried it again for the nth time, and I still got the same error. I even stayed up 'til early morning, hoping against hope that I'd be able to book it, but to no avail. Now, that really pissed me off. And it went on, until the promo has finally ended, and I did not get to book our flight. =(

Honestly, I felt really sad since it was my first time and we did not even get to book the flight. But, as my Mama said, there will still be a lot more promos in the future. I did presume that it only happens for domestic flights, since the flight I booked to Hong Kong for my mom did not have any problems at all.

Anyway, I have finally moved on. Haha. Now, I check every now and then for any seat promos, because I sure will be bound to book our vacation trip, sooner or later!

How about you, have you tried booking via Cebu Pacific? If so, did you experience any problems and what did you do about it?
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  1. My daughter and I are all set for this summer, so I maybe should start planning for next year's :). Ok, I'm heading over to airlines' sites now... thanks :)

    1. Awww! Good for you two! =) I sure do hope that the next time I book, I won't have any problems anymore. =)


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