Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{Vanity on a Budget} Review: Italia Deluxe 3D Stay On Eyeshadow

Hiya all! 

This has been sitting in my drafts for a while because I always forget to transfer my photos of the swatches. 

I have another review for you guys. Yes, I have been doing so many "beauty product" reviews lately because I have a lot of new things in my hands right now that I want to photograph while I haven't used them a lot yet. :) And besides, why not share my thoughts, right? :)

For this review, I will be sharing my thoughts on the Italia Deluxe 3D Stay On Eyeshadow palette. This palette can be found at Watsons in SM Department Stores on the Beauty Treats counter.

Want a peek at the beautiful colors???
Ain't the colors pretty?
The palette is composed of 8 eyeshadows, 6 matte and 2 shimmery colors.

Left part of the palette are all matte colors - White, Royal Blue-ish, Magenta, Orange

The right side of the palette consists of two shimmers (top row) and two matte (bottom row) - Pink, Olive, Yellow, Maroon
 Aren't the colors simply gorgeous?

It has a little mirror inside, very convenient for travel. :) It also comes with two sponge tip applicators, which I never use. 

This is the front of the package. The top is slightly domed, which I am not much of a fan of because it takes up so much space in my vanity kits.

Back of the palette, containing the ingredients as well as the price tag. This palette only costs 149.00php. 

A more close-up shot of the ingredients.

♥ I found the packaging hard to open. I am afraid that it would just slip out of my hands which may lead to shattering the shadows as I open it.
♥ Also reminds me of those cheap, China-made makeup. Though, I do use some China-made makeup (and, mind you, some of the drugstore cosmetics you buy are manufactured in China) because I really have no bad reaction to it. As for lead content. Yeah, yeah, whatever. There are so many other "harmful elements" around that could endanger our health. :) I will cover my views on China-made makeup in a separate post, maybe. Anyway, thought I'd point this out to those who are concerned about cheap, looking makeup. :)
♥ Domed lid, which I hate because it takes up space that it shouldn't really be taking.

♥ Really good color payoff, with and without a base! Swatches can be seen below.
♥ No pungent smells. I know some eyeshadows do have unnecessary scents. >.<
♥ Does not crease (with primer underneath).
♥ Lasts very long!
♥ Feels so buttery soft on the fingers. Well, I don't know if the "ridges" found on the eyeshadows themselves contribute to that buttery feeling on the fingers. But, I think they apply and blend like a charm!

Okay, now time for some fun swatches!

Left-side shadows - without base.

Still left-side, bottom shadows - pink and orange, without base. Both Matte

Left-side, top shadows - white and blue, without base. Both Matte

Right-side, bottom shadows - yellow and red, without base. Both matte. Yellow is quite chalky, but could be smoothened with a little more blending.

Right-side, top shadows - pink and green, without base. The only shimmer shadows. SA said otherwise. Said that the yellow and red were shimmers, but I did not find any shimmer in those two.

Left-side shadows, with base.

Right-side shadows, with base.
I like them all. Only problem I found was the yellow which came out a bit chalky, but could be worked with. :) Otherwise, I am obsessed with these. I find myself grabbing this palette a lot. Haha!

Well, 'til my next review/post!

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  1. The colors are so 'tingkad!' Do they blend well also?

    1. Yes! :D They blend like a charm, as I mentioned in my post. Except, I guess, for the yellow which is quite chalky and could get a little bit patchy when applied. But, with a little more effort, I still get it to work. :D I don't know if I just got a bad palette, but, no complaints for something just worth 150php. :D

  2. Those are really bright colors! Sana you posted a photo of you using them din :)

    1. Haha! When I cook up the courage to post myself here sa blog, I sure will. :D

  3. Hmmm... nice colors. Make-up are of great use to me also in some occasions. :)


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