Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Precious Moments} My BabyLove's Current Vocab

I've seen a couple of posts already of mommies' lil' one's vocabulary and way of saying things. And, I always find it cute when I find out how kids say certain words. So, here is a short list of the current words my BabyLove knows and how she says them! Enjoy and hope this makes your day!

Stu Du - Scooby Doo
Te Bear - Teddy Bear
Ice Didi - Ice Candy
Mansie - Momsie (That's what my mom wants to be called. LoL)
Wowo - Lolo. I think this is quite common.
Na'nie - Lola Knee. If you did not get what that meant the first time, it means Lola sa tuhod. Haha! My oh-so-cool Lola!
Berday - Birthday
Co-ror - Color (when she wants to color something)
Li-rax - The Lorax
Pan-zel - Rapunzel. She says this when she wants to watch Tangled.
i-zine(short i sound) - Medicine
told water - Cold water
Pipit - Sipit, or her hair clips. LoL
Pippers - Slippers

Those are just a couple of 'em. I'm sure I missed a lot, so if I come across them again, I sure will make another post of it. :)

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  1. Naku I remember my eldest saying "Clorox" whenever she wants to watch Lorax hahaha!!! Good job for the kiddo for trying hard to say hard words like Teddy Bear and Rapunzel ;)

  2. Every child has his own unique way of pronouncing his vocabularies. But in the process, they'll soon learn to utter the words the right way. My pamangkin says sgetti (spaghetti) and she's four na, haha!

  3. Your baby's vocab na is so complex! Very good, baby! It's so precious to hear a child's first words, isn't it? :-)

  4. Ang dami na alam si BabyLove mo.. galing! :)

  5. cute! your baby knows a lot of words na. i love reading posts like this. my baby says "kaka" for "twinkle" (sa twinkle twinkle little star) hahaha!

  6. Nakakaaliw ang mga salita ng bata noh? hehehe I have also a post about my one-year old lingo.

  7. so cute! i love babies that so madaldal and they think they know everything.. hehehe


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