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{Vanity and Me} ELF Eyebrow Stencil Kit + Official ELF Online Shop Review

Hello everybody! So, I am starting another new blog series - Vanity and Me. I was actually planning on making a separate blog for it, but come to think of it, I am really not in the "professional world" or make up blogging. I mean, I don't really go out to buy products I don't need just to make a review of it. So, I decided to just add another section to my blog since this will be more of an occasional thing, though I love makeup so much. :D


For the first post on this series, I will be reviewing the ELF Eyebrow Stencils and the website itself. If you are just like me who find shaping their brows consuming half of your make-up time just like me, then this post must be for you. LoL.

** I would like to warn you that I am no professional makeup product reviewer, so please spare me to rude comments. I am all in with constructive criticism, but if you are here to bash me with rude comments, just leave. :D Plus, this is my first time. Hopefully, I will get better in time. **
Shipped with tissue paper (inside the LBC packaging of course. LoL) The ELF sticker is actually just a cheap looking sticker that you could get done on an internet cafe. O.o Even I could make my own, even better.

It came wrapped in bubble wrap with this little thank you card from the ELF Team.
From top to bottom: Soft Arch, Structured Arch, Curved Arch, and Full Arch.

Product description found on the back of the packaging:

Achieve perfectly shaped brows to accentuate your face. The reusable stencils is easy to use and with 4 stencils: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Structured Arch and Full Arch to choose from, it makes these brow stencils suitable for all brow shapes. Now your brows can look picture perfect everyday!

The stencils are made of  plastic they call PVC, I think? You know those gradeschoolers use as plastic envelopes? These are the same material, only a bit thicker in my opinion.

To use, you basically choose the stencil that works best for your brow shape, and simply line it up with the start, arch and tail of your brow, and simply fill in with brow powder or pencil.


  • Very affordable, only Php129.75
  • They are indeed reusable and quite sturdy for the price and material.
  • Putting on my eyebrows is such a breeze! (Though it takes a couple of practices to get used to)


  • I only found mine on the online store/website of ELF Philippines. Not sure if this is available at the stalls at some branches, but here at SM Clark, they are not.
  • ELF Team took a loooooong time to deliver my item (will go into detail on this below)
  • The stencils are not labeled according to the type of brow it is, so you have to match it with the photo on the front of the packaging (which is not easy, I tell ya!)
  • Poor packaging. I was expecting it to be like those from the Original ELF products
Overall, despite more Cons than Pros, I still like my stencils. Putting on my brows definitely takes a lot faster now. :) Plus, it's by far the cheapest stencil I found. Though I don't own any other or seen other brands, they do say that some stencils cost more than 1k! I am not willing to shed out that much for just a couple of stencils. O.o 

Now, for a short review of the website. As mentioned, I got mine from ELF Philippines website. It took a while for them to arrive. In fact, I ordered from them first a day before I ordered some products from another company (online, as well). And, guess how long I waited ---- 3 LONG WEEKS! For just some stencils, I think it wasn't worth the wait and trouble. Being a consumer, of course, it scares us when we don't receive our package in time, thinking the sellers ran off with our hard-earned money. And, I love ELF and all their products, but then, I am not really impress

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  1. If the online store of ELF Philippines was not able to deliver you the product on time, you may want to checkout other online makeup shops like Kallony if they have the same product.


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