Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mosquitoes, Be Gone!!!

Call me paranoid, but mosquitoes nowadays scare the crap out of me, mainly because of my fear of anyone in my family getting Dengue, especially my BabyLove. This was supposed to be a post for a while back already, but due to being too occupied with work, it's just now I got to post it. Haha!

See all the stuff I got just to make sure we are free from Mosquito bites! Hahaha! I am that Paranoid!

Mosquito Net  from SM Department Store (~P150)

Moski Shield Patches (for when BabyLove plays outside) and Baygon Mosquito Mats (for  sound sleep at night!)

Moski Shield Mosquito Repellent  Patch (P150 for a box of 4 packets, each packet has 6 patches, as seen in photo)
Baygon Mosquito Mats (I forgot how much the heater is, but refills only cost P60 for 30 mats)
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  1. Hello again Faye! I just dropped by to tell that you were one of my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope by now you know how this works and that it would not be asking too much to hop by my blog to find out why.


  2. It's fine to be paranoid when it comes to your child's health. Better be safe than sorry! =)


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