Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome to My Hometown - Pampanga!

This post have been way long overdue. I had to prioritize real life matters before focusing on my online life, so apologies for all those who were expecting my posts, but they never came.


I hope everyone's been doing great. Mine's quite stressful, but then, I still manage to keep myself standing despite the many trials.

And, for my comeback post, I decided I'd share the little gems of my hometown. I love reading other people's post of their hometowns, so I thought I'd share mine. So, if you're ready, here we go!


I think one dish stands out when you think of Pampanga - Sisig! Yes, our hometown's proud of the infamous sisig. Just a fun fact/history of this yummy dish. As far as I know, the mother of "sisig", the late Aling Lucing, discovered this yummy dish by accident. She left pork to grill, and forgot about them, and it was really burnt on the outside. Normally, when food is burnt, we throw it out, regardless if it's still good on the inside. Not for Aling Lucing. She found that it would be a waste to throw out so much food, so she just threw in some spices and condiments here and there - onions, soy sauce, calamansi, etc. - and chopped up the burnt meat. And, born was the yummy sisig we are now enjoying. And every region now also makes their own version of the sisig and is a staple for "pulutan" (food paired with alcoholic drinks), served on a sizzling hot plate.

Aside from Sisig, we also are famous for exotic food such as frogs and kamaru (mole cricket). Another yummy food we enjoy here is what we call "buro", which is fermented rice that is paired with steamed or fried fish. Vegetarian, are you? Why not try "pako"(fern) salad which is mixed with fresh tomatoes and onions!


I can only think of two events which are sought out here in Pampanga - the Giant Lantern Festival and Hot Air Balloon Festival.

The Giant Lantern Festival is held in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga during the Christmas season, about mid-December. Lanterns that are as tall as buildings are built and teams compete to win the title of having the best lantern. I have no other words for this wonderful event but "amazing". It sure is a must-see when you visit Pampanga.

If aviation or simply Hot Air Balloons leave you in awe, then the Hot Air Balloon Festival is perfect. Usually held and organized by Air Force City in Clark, giant balloons of all shapes and sizes will definitely leave you in awe and feeling like a child again. And aside from that, there are many more events held such as kite flying, plane exhibitions, etc.

Tourist Spots

There are not that many tourist spots here in Pampanga, though I may be wrong. I am just basing from my own experience and places I've visited that are worth the trip. However, you can tour around Clarkfield Airbase which was a former base for the US Army. Past Clarkfield, you'll find Zoocobia and find wildlife if nature tripping is what you fancy.

Nightlife? Head on the Balibago. The whole stretch of road now is overflowing with bars and restaurants you could party the night away.

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Monday, November 11, 2013

A Few of My Favorite "Christmas" Things

The Christmas season is most definitely my most favorite time of the year. And we Filipinos start the season as early as September, which I love because we get to enjoy the joy of Christmas for four, long months! And, now that it's November, we are just about a month away from Christmas Day when we can enjoy it with family and friends.

As soon as the "Ber" months hit, I play Jose Mari Chan's "Christmas in our Hearts" album on full blast, literally on the 1st day of September. I mean, who doesn't love Christmas songs, unless you're a relative of Mr. Scrooge (no offense to other religions who don't celebrate Christmas though. :D). Nothing could go wrong with a nice playlist of cheerful, merry songs to listen to.

Next best thing, decorations! No matter how tiring it is to set up the tree and all other decors, there is always a feeling of joy once the family's done decorating. I also love using my Christmas stuff such as mugs, plates, and some clothes (as long as they aren't over the top!)

Another thing I love most about Christmas is I get to dress up for family gatherings. It gives me an excuse to dress fancier and more girly. And usually, I try to find my perfect Christmas outfit for the year. I usually scour the malls and clothing shops to find an outfit. I usually have an outfit in mind, so I sort of "hunt" for it. This year, I am thinking of peplum dresses/tops. Usually, when I don't find the dress I like in-stores, I try to find one online, which is more convenient as I don't have to travel to and fro. I can just order them online and have them delivered.

If you are stuck on how to style your clothes differently (I know I am always stuck at some point), Ezra (a brand carried by Zalora) has a website with so many ways to style dresses and current trends. Because, I'm sure we all want to wear the dresses we buy not only on Christmas but all year round, right?

Last and definitely not the least! Who doesn't love presents? I love giving away presents, whether big or small. And, for some reason, I love the Christmas rush. LoL! There's just something about last minute shopping, don't you agree? And when I'm not feeling the crowd, I just order stuff online. Some of the sites I love shopping at are Sulit, Online shops (Facebook pages), Zalora, Lazada, etc. Just make sure that if you do shop online, you need order them way before so that your package will get to you before Christmas day and to avoid delivery delays due to so many packages being delivered during the Christmas season.

So, those are just the things I love about Christmas. How about you? What do you love about Christmas? Care sharing them with us in the comments section below?

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Friday, October 4, 2013

{Weekly Buys} Past Few Weeks

Heya all!

This post is waaaaaay overdue. I've been busy for the past weeks that I completely lost track when I bought these. These weren't all bought on the same day, so I'd call it an "accumulated" list of buys in no particular order. :) Also, pardon the still "crappy" photos and if the prices aren't indicated in some as I lost the receipt. LoL!

These were on sale, down to P60. :) My BabyLove enjoys her new book. 

Lavender and Chamomile Gel Hand Soap. These are Buy 1 Take 1 for 99php! :) This lasts quite a long time. ;)

Honey and Milk Scented Cream Hand Soap. This came with the above with the Buy 1 Take 1, and is actually opened already before I took a photo. Haha. 

CO Q10 & Yogurt Facial Mask. I've been seeing this quite a lot until they finally went on sale! This originally cost 44php each I think, but now, they are on sale, 2 for 59php, so I thought it was the best time to try them out! You gotta wait for the review about this. ;) Planning to get the other variants so that I could finally test them out and, at the same time, take advantage of the sale. 

Nichido Concealer Pencil and Makeup Palette. I was just meaning to get the concealer pencil. But, they weren't sold on the counters (don't know if they are getting discontinued. I hope not 'coz they're fairly good). They were for Free with this palette, so I decided to take it anyway as it just costs 100php. Not bad. 

St. Ives Fresh Skin and Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. 66php each. My skin needs some extra TLC as the bumps and remaining acne is starting to get on my nerves. So, decided to get these small tubes to test them out first before I buy the full size. :)

Fashion 21 Perfect Stick. I got this in Almond (darker shade) and Natural Beige (lighter shade). Since I ran out of concealers, I decided to try these babies out. I think these cost 185php each. 

My BabyLove's Magnetic Letters. 120php for the big tub. Another thing she enjoys a lot!

Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Cream and Exfoliant Solution. In addition to my scrubs mentioned above, bought these to try and hopefully could get rid of my annoying bumps. Tried out the cream first, and if these still don't work out, I'm trying the regular solution. :)
So, there ya have it. Now, I'm wondering if you use any of the above mentioned products? Let me know in the comments section below so I could see if some products work for you or not, and if you have any suggestions of stuff I should try in the future when I'm able to buy 'em. *wink wink*

See my previous Weekly Buys post here.


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Monday, September 30, 2013

{Vanity and Me} Yhey's "Flop" Picks - Products I REGRET Buying!

Heya lovelies and gents!

This kakikayan post is all about the stuff I regret buying and never will in the future. Don't you just have one of those days that you go out to get something you really want to try out, and when you get home hope you didn't? Well, here's my share of stuff that gives me eye sores when I see them. LoL!

**Warning: These are all crappy photos taken from my cheapo tablet. LoL! But, hopefully, you get the idea of what the products are. :D

Maybelling Hyper Curl Volum' Express Cat Eyes. This is, by far, my BIGGEST regret! I am a person who reads reviews before going out to buy something over 300php, and this is one of them. Although 450php is said to be "cheap" and this is a drugstore brand, for me, it's still expensive. And shelling out ~450php for a product with a few grams/ounces of product only is a big deal for me. Haha!

Anyways, reviews I've read says how great this mascara is because of it's unique comb wand and that it separates the lashes really good. I hope they tell me how to use it the right way because this is giving me lesser, spider-y looking lashes! The comb groups my lashes between the bristles and it's such a pain to use. It took me a long time, along with trials and errors, to make this mascara work because I don't want to throw it out like I threw out money in the trash can.

Yes, I said "long" time. I know you're not supposed to keep mascaras more than 3-6 months, but I am one of those guilty of using mascaras more than the shelf life. Hihi! *Anyone like me? Raise your hands!* The reason behind is I only get to go out and use makeup 2 times a week (3 the most for emergency trips out), and mascara takes long to run out of. And though they say it's bad, and I don't recommend either for you to do what I do, I usually throw out a mascara tube when I run out, when it smells funky, or it dries out. Don't judge! Hehe!

Back to my mini review. I thankfully finally found a way to make this "pain in the butt" work. But, really, it cost me more than it should. I really love Maybelline products, and I have a few of 'em. I actually like the sister of this mascara, the fatter tube and by far is what I may call my HG mascara. But this, NEVER buying this again.

FS Cosmetics Mini Eyelash Curler. I bought this for the purpose of curling the outer ends of my lashes as the usually get left out from the regular curler. But, this is such a pain to use, and does not do the job. It gets in the way of the lashes it does not catch and crimps them in an awkward bend. Simply put, don't get this curler. It's completely useless.

Ever Bilena Advance HD Eyeliner. This is not really a bad product. But, for me, I don't like how the product dries and flakes. And, it dries what looks like "asphalt" to me. LoL! It thickens up on the inside mouth of the tube. It's really hard to explain. I still use this, though, just to use it up, but am never buying it again, either.

Glam Works Lip and Cheek Tint. This is THE MOST drying lip tint I've ever tried! Although all lip tints are sort of drying, but this is in cream form and I expected it to work better than regular tints. This accentuates flaky lips, even if it's not that flaky.

ELF Lip Stain. You guys know I love my ELF buys. But this, I don't like at all. This was actually an impulsive buy as I wanted a lippie I could use for grocery trips or sudden "out-of-the-house" looks. It resembles a felt tip pen, and maybe because of that, it does get a funky smell over time. Maybe because it gets in contact with the mouth or saliva, I don't know! Plus, it's too dark of a shade for me. I plan of just using this when I'm at home just to get rid of it. Dabbing it would actually do the trick and not dispense that much product, but, I really don't like the funky smell. Ugh and EWW!

Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen. This is the least of my regrets. The product really performs well and applies well. The problem is, it's not waterproof. And for a gal like me who sweats like a pig on hot days, this sure isn't the thing for me. Though it is smudgeproof as it claims, it is not waterproof! Which I find really strange. Well, for me, when I read smudgeproof, I assume it is waterproof which is why I got this. I may be wrong, but it really mislead me. So, for that, not buying it.

So, hope you enjoyed my little "long" rant. Haha! Hopefully you find this helpful in case you are planning to get any of these products. ;)

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Friday, September 27, 2013

{Vanity on a Budget} Review: Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Rock On

Yes, I know, I know. I am back yet again with another review. Well, actually, it was a long planned post, but due to some pending work I have, my blog posts have been shoved off to the corner for a couple of days. So, while I have the free time, I am now composing the posts.


Today's review features another Essence product. Do you see a pattern here? LoL! Yes, I love Essence products, if that isn't that obvious yet. Anyways, enough with the babbling and on with the review, shall we?

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Rock On. Sparkly, eh?

Shade name: Rock On. It's a really nice grape color. 

Ultra glossy, moisturising and non-sticky. 

The wand.
The Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss costs 135.00php if I am not mistaken. I got the shade Rock On which is a nice purple-y, grape color. Smells really fruity, too! I think all their lipglosses and lipsticks smell yummy and fruity, which I LOVE!

I got this for the main purpose of getting into the fall trend in a really subtle way. I know we don't really have that season, but since the days are getting gloomier and colder, I thought, hey, why not? Just because we're from the Philippines doesn't mean we can't adapt into the fall season's makeup trend.

Anyways, going back. Not really sure why it's called "XXXL Shine". Probably 'coz it's ultra shiny? I did not notice any plumping effect, so I guess that's what it meant.

Let me go through the things I like and don't like about the product.


  • Affordable at 135.00php. The tube is really big. Sorry I wasn't able to take a size comparison of it. But if it helps, the whole tube with cap on measures 4.5inches in length.
  • Has a nice fruity smell to it. Warning: You may be tempted to lick your lips! ;)
  • Lipglosses often are very, very sheer. And, I actually thought this is quite sheer, especially when swatched alone. But, boy, was I wrong! It is very pigmented, and it gave just the right color for me over my bright, red lipstick, which was what I'm going for.
  • It is indeed ultra glossy, moisturising and non-sticky as it claims. It does not accentuate flaky lips which is a plus for me as I tend to get dry lips often.
  • Although it's sparkly, you won't feel the glitter at all on your lips, unlike other lipglosses in which the glitter is coarse and feels annoying.
  • Lasts quite well, except when drinking. May have to reaply after eating/drinking.
  • May tend to create a white film in the inner lips, so make sure to wipe away excess after application. Also make sure to check every hour or so to make sure it did not develop a white film. 
Now, on with some swatches. Sorry, I did not take any lip swatches as I am not yet confident showing my lips (or face) on closeup. Haha! I haven't found the best way to take such photos. I always find that when I do, it looks so awkward and unattractive. LoL. All photos were taken without flash.
No base underneath; Natural Lighting

No base underneath; Natural Lighting

Rock On Lipgloss over lipstick bases, Natural Lighting. Top: Matte Lipstick in Glamour by Nichido; Bottom: Matte Lipstick in Offbeat Pink by Ever Bilena 

Over lipstick bases, Natural Lighting. A closer look on the Offbeat Pink shade.

Over lipstick bases, indoor lighting. 

Over lipstick bases, indoor lighting. 

Over lipstick bases, indoor lighting. 
Pretty, eh? The main purpose why I bought it is for me to make my bright red lippie more wearable when it's not summer or when I'm not feeling bold or glamorous for a bright red lip. The lipgloss topped over the red created a nice wine shade which I really have been wanting! And for a more subtle color, a pink instead of red works really well, too!
If worn alone, you can look really sickly with the purple gloss. It looks like you are having hypothermia! LoL! Not attractive. So, I suggest wearing it over a red, pink, or a purple colored lippie. :) 

Overall, I really LOVE this gloss. I've been ignoring this actually a lot of times at the counters, only to realize I'm going to love it. 

Hope you liked this review. 'Til my next product review!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Fun Facts About My BabyLove

All kids are unique in their own ways. Some may be like this, but some are like that. Nevertheless, it's interesting to know how different our kids are from others that are quite unusual. So, here is a collection of some fun facts about my BabyLove that I find "unusual" with some (if not all) kids.

  1. My BabyLove is 2+ years old, and yet she still wears some infant sized clothes/shoes. Well, let's face it, some sizes are "mutant" sizes as I call them. But, yeah, she can still fit some baby clothes. Like she has a onesie that's supposed to be for 0-3 months, but since it's a little bit larger and maybe quite stretchy, she still gets to use them! Haha. Well, I get to save a lot of money from buying clothes every now and then, not to mention almost all her clothes were given. So blessed indeed!
  2. And in relation to item # 1, even if my little girl is small in size, she's got a BIG appetite! She eats a LOT! She can eat a 2 packs of cookies/biscuits (3 cookies each pack) in one sitting, even more. Even if you feed her for early lunch, if she still sees you eating, she'd join you. 
  3. Still food related, she eats the very bitter ampalaya, raw or cooked! She LOVES it! I know a lot of kids hate ampalaya because of it's bitter taste. Well, not my BabyLove. 
  4. And yet again, food related, she can eat raw onions as well. I call her "Shrek" when she does. Haha
  5. She prefers eating by herself. Ever since she first held her own spoon, I knew/felt somehow that she's an independent eater. When I tell her I'll just feed her so she finishes right away, she'd say "Pyeyt" or "bowl", "spoon" and "foyk", meaning she wants to eat on her own.
I have just 5, but I find them really amusing to think about. And with her good eating traits, I honestly don't have any problems when we eat out. She eats ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! Haha!

How about you? Why not share your kiddos' most interesting fact. If you don't have any kids yet, some interesting fact of yourself when you were a kid, or of a nephew's or nieces's, or any kid you may know. I'd LOVE to know! 

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{Guest Post} 3 Natural Kids Crafts

Hiya Everyone! 

We all know summer is over for us, however, it's never too late a craft or two we could let our kids enjoy with even in the cooler days. So, Ryan is here with a guest post to share with us some crafts and activities our kiddos can enjoy and definitely learn from. 

With the weather finally cooling down, now is the time for outdoor activities.  With a little creativity, you and your child can turn a simple walk in the park or your own backyard into an amazing opportunity for natural crafting.    Keep reading to learn how to make unique picture frames to eternalize summertime memories, create all natural weaving art, or construct your very own dragon fly sculptures.

1. Rustic Picture Frames

With all of the extra time and nice weather, many families took advantage of the summer with camping trips, hiking, and other outdoor activities.  Along with these family adventures, of course, are plenty of photos.  To really emphasize the outdoorsy aspects of these activities, your child can easily give the photos a rustic picture frame decorated with natural objects.

The base of the frame can either be made out of sticks glued, nailed or tied together, or you can just use a store bought frame (go for the cheap ones, as they will hardly be visible when your child is finished).  Then, simply glue objects that are relevant to the picture around the frame.  For example, if the pictures are from a beach trip, you can glue some sand, seashells, and dried seaweed on a frame made out of driftwood sticks.  If you went camping in a forest, small pinecones and needles, acorns, bark, or even snakeskin could be a better option.

This can be a great way to make a fun and unique frame for any photo.  Whether the photo is from summer camp or just something silly, like all of your kids posing around the campfire in their favorite fun kids pajamas, getting together with your child to create an all natural frame can be a great activity.

2. Weaved Nature Sculptures

This activity is great because almost everything about it is flexible.  All you need are 4 strong sticks of approximately equal sizes, a spool of natural twine, and then everything else can be found in nature.  Depending on how much time and material you want to put into the project, you can make it as large or as small as you want too.

To get started, find four sticks of equal sizes.  They should each be at least 6 inches long to make the weaving simpler, but can be as large as you want. To build the weaving frame, lay the four sticks in a square, with their ends overlapping by about an inch.  Then, carefully and tightly tie each of the corners together.  When you have finished, the sticks should remain in a square, even if you shake them.

Next, cut strips of twine out so that they will be long enough to stretch across the square frame and tie to the sticks on both sides.  You should cut enough to cover the whole frame in half-inch increments between the strings.

Now is where the fun part begins.  You and your children can go outside to collect feathers, long leaves, blades of grass, flowers or even seaweed.  Then, weave the objects through the all-natural loom you have set up.  To do this, simply insert the object over one string, under the next, and keep repeating this pattern.  Once the loom is filled, your children will have a rustic keepsake that is made from many of the different natural elements surrounding you.

3. Dragon Flies from Maple Seeds and Twigs

If you live near a maple tree you’ve probably seen little seeds that fall off the tree then slowly fall while twirling like helicopters.  Although the seeds do this to be carried further by the wind, their aerodynamic shape also makes a great opportunity for some kids crafting.  To make a dragon fly out of the seeds, all you need is a twig of about 3 inches, 4 maple seeds and glue.

To build the dragonfly, simply glue the heavy ends of the maple seeds towards the front end of the twig to create two sets of wings.  To make it more realistic, you can color in the twig and the seeds, use a small rock as a head and put eyes on it, add small legs out of wire or stems, or even add glitter to the wings and body.  If you make several dragonflies, you can arrange them in scenes.  Some easy ideas are to mount them on small rocks or next to each other on a larger stick.

Fall is beginning, and if you live in a colder area, it may be your last chance to spend some time outside before everything is covered in snow.  You and your child may be able to make the most of the pleasant weather by constructing some natural crafts to remember the summer fun, photos, insects and more.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

{Vanity and Me} My Essence Cosmetics Collection

Can you tell that I love this brand too much? Haha! Although I may not be a die-hard collector as I do not really get to use makeup on the daily basis, so I basically just pick up stuff that I don't have in my stash yet.

This was just a quick share. I still haven't got my camera which I sent in for repair, and I couldn't get hi-res shots of some products. Hence, the rare reviews. When I don't have the camera, I tend to get lazy as I am not really satisfied with smartphone cam shots, especially for products.

Anyways, hope you liked my little share. Will update the post with the products seen in the photo.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

{Precious Moments} BabyLove's First Ever Boo-Boo


This post features my BabyLove and her first ever boo-boo she got when she was standing on the couch. And before anyone passes the wrong judgement as if I enjoyed it, of course that's not the case. I felt bad and scared at the moment. But, after it has passed, I think it was just a lesson learned for her not to stand on the bed or couch anymore, and a laugh after and for years to come when she gets older. :)

See, she's smiling now. She's very okay now, despite her swollen eye. She got her bump on her forehead actually, but I've read on the internet that it may affect the eyes which is not really a concern unless more serious symptoms occur such as vomiting or what-not. She's enjoying my gel eye mask which I placed in the freezer.

As I mentioned, of course it did give me a scare, but not to the point of paranoia. I am thankful for the internet as most of the information on these types of incidents and everything about mommy-hood, I can find on the web. Which is maybe why I did not freak out as much and go crazy.

How about you? Have your little one scared you with an incident like this? I'd like to know in the comments below. :)

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Precious Moments} BabyLove's Current Vocab Part 2

Another post on my BabyLove's current word pronunciations. They're quite a few, but still, I think it's a good share and would be a good way to bring a smile to someone's face.

weeeebs - Leaves. Take note of the long "e" sound. Hahaha!
chocoweyt - Chocolate
gwas - Glass
tet it - Get it
nana - Minions from Despicable Me.
Sa-yi - Sulley from Monsters Inc.
Mike Owski - Mike Wazowski of Monsters Inc.
mas wawow - Marshmallow
Duwa - Dora
Cope - Coke

My fave is how she says leaves and Coke. Haha! What's yours? Leave it in the comment section below. ;)

And to see the first post of my BabyLove's vocab, click here.

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