Friday, June 29, 2012

Oryspa Meditation Balm and Chili Oil

I've been seeing this Oryspa booth a lot of times already, but I never thought of stopping by to check their products out. And after reading a couple reviews about it, I decided I'd give it a shot.

So, yesterday, I decided to try out the Meditation Balm and Chili Oil because it is what most bloggers' talking about.

Before I start, let me just say that I have really high standards for pain relievers as i have a low pain tolerance and I experience migraine. Yep, not so luck, I know.

First of would be the Meditation Balm. Aside from trying it out for when I have headaches, it is also for the mosquito bites of my BabyLove which she got a few nights ago. My verdict: not too strong for me. I prefer the 'sting in your eyes' kind. Haha. It's the only way I feel relieved.However, I like it for my little girl as it is not too strong for her to use. So

it is still a plus for me. I'd still have to try it out when I get migraines, though. Who knows, it might just magically do the trick. :-)

Next would be the Chili Oil. The main reason I bought one ia because my tita buys this patch that has chili as a main ingredient. Something similar to Salonpas. So, I decided to give her a bottle of the chili oil to try out. I also got a small bottle for myself. I tried to put it on my temples to test its strength and it still is mild for when I have headaches. However, my legs are sore right now and I applied the chili oil, and it did relieve the pain.

Well, that's just about myino review. Excuse the amarteurity of the review as I am no good writing them. Haha

I do plan on buying the other spa products of Oryspa to try out. I love having home spas so I just can't wait to try the other products.

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  1. Wow, you really have high standards on pain relievers! I love those products!

    1. Hello Bee!

      I know right? Well, I have really low pain tolerance, so I really look for something that 'stings'. Haha! But, don't get me wrong, I still love the products. They work well for muscle pains. :) I still look forward to getting another jar and bottle of both. Not to mention they are safe to use for kids. :)

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. I haven't heard nor see these products. Mind me asking, where did you get them I might try to buy some also how about the smell is it ok? because I tried PAU liniment the smell is not that good, also the white flower I feel an oldie whenever I tried it.

    thanks for the informations

  3. Hiya Oliver

    you can visit their website: You can check the nearest branch in your area.

    Or, i think you could also order from them online from the website.

    As fos the smell, they smell really good. They smell of mentholated orange peels. Really refreshing!

    Hope that helps! :-)

  4. It must be really nice to make your own spa at home. I have yet to try that.

    1. Oh yes, it is! Plus, more savings! Haha! Go and try it! I love home spas...


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